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Online Marketing: A New Era of Marketing

Marketing is all about connecting with the audience in the right way and through a correct platform. What better place to find the world that the internet itself.Now a days people prefer to spend maximum part of their time on the internet, be it for random surfing or learning about smallest of things, internet is the place where you find it all.

What is digital marketing or online marketing?

Marketing of any product through digital media platform, using the available resources on the internet comes under the latest term of online marketing. It is a better, more efficient way of creating a linkbetween the seller and consumer terminal.It has also proven itself to be more effective as people prefer the digital platform over visiting physical shops. Needless to say, this makes it muchmore easy and convenient from a consumer’s point of view.

The new approach and advancement in the field of marketing:

From a basic Search engine optimisation to click on ads, all of it is a part of digital marketing. In the year 1970s, emails were first used, which later marked the beginning of newdigitally connected customer web. It was easier to send files across any device with improved storage that gave rise to database marketing, this as a result kicked out the less efficient manual process of listing the customers' details. It helped in a better ‘Customer Relationship Management (CRM)'and brought in an easier way to connect with the end user. Along with this, the continuously increasing internet usage has definitely worked in favour of promoting the digital marketing.

Social media and its effect:

The introduction of social media like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagramin the early 2000s gave the much-needed boost to the digital marketing industry and increased the accessibility by making the retailer customer interface much easier. As the customer response and activity improved, it became easier to analyse behaviour patterns and choices made by the individuals. All these factors helped in attaining an improved version of management technology.

 Why is digital marketing bliss?

None would disagree over the fact that, online platforms are dominating every field, be it for wardrobe shopping or applying for a job, it has almost completely eradicated the third party system, making it possible for the users to connect directly to the source.

On the other hand, search engine marketing through influencers or blog writer’s help making digital marketing more trustworthy, through peer to peer communication, which is accounted to have more effect on the customers. Along with the product advertisement, a 24*7 customer service is an additional benefit for customers and one more reason to prefer online marketing rather than the orthodox method.

It is true, that thetechnologyis an indispensable part of digital marketing and with the ever changing and fast evolving growth in technology; it is set for digital marketing to keep modifying and growing for the better. And why should it not, after all, all it has ever been is delight.

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