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A Quick Guide To Digital Marketing And Its History

Digital Marketing is a kind of online marketing where people seek the benefit of trading goods on the internet. By the statistics of ITU(International Telecommunications Union), about 51.2% of people would be internet users by the year 2021. With the growing arena of the digital sphere, in India itself, about 51% of people either buy their product online or either make research online before the purchase is done. The growing trend shows thatabout one-third of a country’s population rely on Digital Marketing; with the U.K. being at the top making 46% of its purchases online.

History and Types

The roads to the same started in the year 1971 by Ray Tomlinson sending an email, but the roads were rather too indirect. The main leads took in the 1990s with the coinage of the term. Since then in 2000 with the increasing aroma of social media, online retailing took a sharp pace, with the smartphones locked in people's hands and more and more people involved online the boost was remarkable. You might have even wondered how something you like usually shows up as an advertisement making blocks in your social media pages; Well, the advertisements are one of the many types of digital marketing tools which aims at engaging the audience in goods they prefer by utilizing the data a consumer provides rather free of cost! This is called Data-driven advertising. There are many types under digital marketing like SEO, Content-based, social media-based, etc. The moment you click an advertisement popping around on your screen, you are indirectly paying to the retailer. This kind is called PPC (pay-per-click) marketing.


There are many benefits to online retailing; here as you are exposed to the global market, you also get a chance to buy goods at much cheaper rates. The relative competition between brands makes the goods more affordable. In addition to this, there is a huge scope of getting your product get a wider reach if you consider social media platforms as a retailer. Plenty of options available make the sites reliable as no dealer wants to lose its customer in the open air of immense bout of sellers. There is also a very beaming industry present if you consider career options in the digital sector. The creativity, evolving tendency, and capacity to go with trends in marketing have made the sector worth trying for those who urge to earn more and more and make a name. The world’s richest man Jeff Bezos is not someone unknown.But not everything is at aces.

Other side of digital marketing:

There are some very grave disadvantages and the most outshone among them is privacy. A vast amount of your data can be stored and used even without your acknowledgment. The complexity of the arena makes it a tedious job; from securityto the workload, to health problems, there are many places yet to place concern on.

The internet marketing service Sacramento has placed itself at a dignified stand indeed but the setbacks make it a wobbling boat to stir on.

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